Sunday, 3 February 2013

A bit of quilling

Hi everyone, hope you're all well. Thank you for all your good wishes for Dave - his operation  went according to plan and he's recovering well. We're both glad it's finally over with! I've had a busy couple of days in my craft room but I haven't got anything new that I can share here yet. Instead, I thought I'd post one of the cards I have in this month's QC and is a bit different for me as I've done some quilling. I loved the way these flowers turned out.

Molly is very excited this evening as her mum is taking her to the Echo Arena to see Little Mix. It got me thinking about when I was young and starting to get interested in pop stars/music. My first crush was Davy Jones from The Monkees, followed by David Cassidy (I had a thing about Dave's even then, lol!) then Donny Osmond - all before I was 13, lol! The first single I bought was Sugar, Sugar by The Archies - can you remember yours? I didn't go to a pop concert until I was about 15. No big arenas in those days so I saw David Bowie at our local theatre. He walked off in a strop because we were screaming! Ooh, I'm fibbing - I remember my mum taking/dragging me along to see her fave group at the time....

Name that band, lol!
See you soon


Sasha said...

WOW!! Your quilled flowers look fabulous Katina! Such lovely colours and papers too x

Sasha said...

Forgot to say...It's the dear old Bachelors! xx

Diane said...

Fabby do card Katina and how true is that sentiment !! Slight change in order of pop idols for me...David Cassidy, Davy Jones, Donny Osmond and Jacko !!

hugs Diane xx

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

gorgeous Katina love those flowers
jacqui x

Sally H said...

Gorgeous gorgeous card, Katina. Beautiful colours.

Lynne said...

Love everything about this Katina, the colours are fab and your quilled flowers are beautiful.
First crush? ...Peter Frampton closely followed by David Essex.
I never saw the Batchelors but did see Roy Orbison with my mum, reluctantly I`ll admit but I did enjoy it lol.
Lynne xxx

Darnell J Knauss said...

Glad to hear that Dave's operation went well and that he is healing nicely!

I can't believe your amazing quilling, Katina. Wow. It's another thing I have never tried. Some of these techniques I just instinctively know I might get "hooked" on and get a bit obsessed with, you know? Like Zentangles. I just don't want to go down that rabbit hole as I know I'd like it too much.

So I'll enjoy what others do so brilliantly, like your quilling!

Gibmiss said...

Hi Katina
Fabulous the flowers..... Senting Dave lots of love ..... Wish him a speedy recovery .....
Luv Sylvie xxxx

Jenni's Jems said...

Fab flowers and card your post had me thinking and the first record and crush I had was David Cassidy too, but it was his album Cherish that I got from my brother (slightly warped as he left it in the car in the sun) but I still played it over and over again hee he x

lynne said...

Hi Katina,

Glad to hear your husbands op went well. Hope he recovers quickly. Lucky Molly!! I bet she has a great night.

Love your card. I did a bit of quilling when i first started making cards as i was in hospital and it was good as it was small enough to just sit and do at my bedside.

Hope your keeping well. Have a great week!
Lynne xx

Doreen said...

Beautiful card. Just love the papers you have

Molecraft said...

Gorgeous Katina, love the flowers and so glad to hear hubby's op went well!
Helen x

Jules said...

Tee hee Katina .. .. that will be The Bachelors .. .. my Nanny's fav.

The first band I can remember seeing was when I was a younglittle girl on holiday and we went to see The Dallas Boys!! I got chosen to go on stage and dance with them (alongside several others). They had really come to fetch my Mum .. .. until they saw she was around 8 months pregnant .. .. then they took me instead!! LOL!!

Loving your card so very much. Such beautiful colours. Those flowers turned out beautifully.

Pleased to hear that Dave is getting on OK.

Love Jules xx

Wishcraft said...

Love the colours and your flowers look so gorgeous! Lovely card :o) Hugs, Lisa x

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Katina.

Hugs Riet.xx

susiestacey said...

Great card Katina the flowers look lovely, had a trip down memory lane - my first record was Slade - Goodbye to Jane and my first concert was Bay City Rollers at Halifax - complete with tartan lol, l also liked David Cassidy, my sis in law is a big Donny fan and went to see him last week at Manchester. Take care x Susan x

Wendy L said...

Love your quilled flowers. Glad all OK with Dave. Bachelors, u sed to love watching them on TV sometimes with Val Doonican,. xxxx

shirley-bee said...

Gorgeous card, Katina - love the colour scheme.
First crush - Elvis
First single - She Loves You, The Beatles
First concert - really can't remember
First sign of Alzheimers - round about now ;)

Marisa said...

Glad your hubby's surgery went well :) Love the flowers!! They look amazing. I remember Sugar Sugar LOL! Not a huge music person so no real crushes in that arena through I remember watching Bruce Jenner win the Decathalon in the Olympics and thinking he was pretty hot LOL.

Theresa said...

Love the flowers...Looks like it would take a lot of patients and a magnifying glass (at least for me anyway). Simply beautiful.

Loopylou. said...

oh Katina that is just stunning hun and those papers are very delicious.
I have never been brave enough for a concert, too many people, but I did have a huge crush on Davy when I was little !!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Seafield Jo said...

I'm pleased to hear Dave's operation went well.

Your card is lovely, I love quilling.

Jo x

debby4000 said...

Absolutely love your gorgeous card and the trip down Memory lane.

Marjorie said...

Fabulous card Katina.. I love quilling, can't do it myself but love to see cards with it on, and your is just amazing... My first glimpse at a band was at the Appollo theatre in Ardwick Green Manchester... The Beatles were playing there I was about thirteen.. my friends and I stood outside hoping for a glimpse of them. There was no money for that kind of luxury, but we could here the music from outside, and did all the screaming and shouting... Wow! so long ago lol!!
Love and hugs,

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

It's a stunning card Katina . . . very pretty and deserves publishing in a mag!

I had a major crush on David Cassidy most of my life! Until I read his book, and then I went right off him. Cured me completely!

Sarn xxx

julie_woolston said...

Stunning card Katina, gorgeous colours and design,pleased your husband is doing well.

Davis Cassisy was my heartthrob to, I had all his posters on my bedroom wall from the Jackie magazine, oh memories lol.

Hugs Julie xxx

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Ooooo my brain hurts from thinking about the group, my mum used to love them ..... The Batchelors.
Absolutely gorgeous card, love the quilling - so beautiful! hugs Heidi x

Lorraine said...

Gorgeous card Katina. I love the papers and those flowers look beautiful, love 'em!
The first pop group I likes was ABBA, but I've always loved Elvis, even if he was a bit old for me!! lol
Lorraine x

Irene said...

Beautiful Katina, I love your quilled flowers and Vintage colours.
A very apt sentiment. Unfortinately I can remember the Bachelors LoL.
xxxx said...

NOOOOOOOO Not David Casidy and Donny Osmond I totally detested them, you have change my outlook on you Katina, now David Bowie was more my cup of tea !Fantastic card and love the flowers they look beautiful and the colours are amazing. Glad to hear all went well with Dave's operation.


Christine L said...

Bloomin heck... It's the Bachelors! You've rekindled some memories here... My fav Monkee was Mike Nesmith.. My fav Beatle was Paul.... I saw Elton John twice at The Empire.. And also the Beach Boys... And even went to see the first nudity on stage when Hair came to the Empire too! So daring! I was a hippy... Had all the thongs (leather ones that is around the wrists and head!). Hmmm am I giving my age away here? Lol! Oooooh.. And the first single I bought was from NEMS and it was The Troggs... Wild Thing!

Right... Onto your card... It's fab! Love those flowers!

Christine x

Christine L said...

Ps.. Glad Dave's op went well! X

Sue said...

Hi Katina… glad that Dave's operation went well and that he's now on road to recovery… that is good news!
Wow this is a gorgeous card! it's a fab layout and the colours are beautiful !! I love those quilled flowers… keep meaning to have a go at quilling… I have the kit… so I have no excuse really! LOL
Ah my first crush was David Essex! there were a lot of Daves about!! hee hee… and my first single was Tiger Feet by Mud… and then Down, Down by Status Quo… gosh…I was a budding little rocker even back then aged 12 and 13 LOL… my first concert was when I tagged along with my big bro to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons!! I thought it was a bit tame!! hee hee
Oh Gosh! and I know that band is The Bachelors... how old am I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
Hope you have a good week!
Big hugs
Sue xx

Mrs.B said...

Fab card Katina, flowers look quite complicated not quick at all!
Had to think about the group - glad I wasn't on here first!
Reading some of the comments and remembering the groups - really does bring back the memories!
Glad Dave's op went well.
Hugs Avril xx

Mau xx said...

Oh dear!! I have seen the Bachelors in fact I have to admit to seeing most singing artists as the nightclub we went to every Saturday night for approx 14yrs had all the famous names on :)
first single...hmm!!
Cathy's clown .. Everly brothers
I think!!!
Great card Katina, love the clever lady.
Glad Dave has got op. over hope he has good quick recovery.
Hugs Mau xx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Firstly wishing Dave a very speedy recovery, hope your giving him plenty of TLC.
Secondly,love your card I bought the mag today and saw yours and Jules great makes.
Thirdly , hope you have/had a great night out, I loved all them you mentioned, I'm mostly into folk now and love live music.

Aileen said...

Gorgeous card. Your flowers are wonderful.

Sounds like you had the same crushes as me! x

Janette said...

Love this Katina, it makes a lovely change to see quilling again....glad Dave is doing ok too...

Now, talk about memory got me walking down there, we had lots of likes, in common, my first record though was Brenda Lee's, Christmas will be just another lonely day.....I still have it, although now I have nothing to play it

Mary J said...

Wow, this is a stunning card, Katina brilliant use of the papers for the flwoers!

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Glad that Dave's op went well - hope he's recovering nicely.
Wow! Fabulous card - those flowers look so gorgeous and intricate.
Caroline xxx

Linby said...

Beautiful work, love those flowers.
I am with you on Davd and Donny, although was disappointed when I finally got to see David C a few years ago whereas Donny stil has it and loved finally seeing him live.
Wow fancy seeing David Bowie.
Linby x


Gorgeous card Katina - I love quilling, and we don't see enough of it on cards these days. The flowers are awesome - a beautiful choice of colours too.

The group is definitely The Bachelors - they were brilliant weren't they. My first single was "Butterfly" by Andy Williams - I was about 14 at the time, and played it on my Brother's "His Masters Voice" gramophone! OMGoodness - I've just realised how old I am!!!

So pleased your hubby's op. was successful.
Hugs, Sylvia xx

Kathleen said...

Gosh Katrina how did I miss this fabulous post and brilliant card.
Love the colours and the quilling is great.
My first concert was the Beatles, queued all night, with my Mum for tickets, she wasn't going to the concert, but was good enough to sleep out with me.
Glad Dave's op went well, speedy recovery required now.

Kath x

Faye said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers, stunning creation. X

Faith A said...

Your card is beautiful, not done quilling, but might be persuaded after seeing yours. Love the colours too and the scroll.

Glad the op went well and hope will continue.

The first record I bought was The Young One's by Cliff Richard, oh! how I loved him, can you believe even better than Elvis!!!!!!! I can also remember my father being disgusted at the "noise" The Beatles brought forth and me screaming at them on the TV LOL

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